Get To Know Us

We started with the motive of helping people regain their lost lives, regain their health and revitalise their body through the most untouched and often the less used mode of exercises regime, through Yoga.
For the following yoga, one doesn’t need to be a strict Yogi; all you need is the passion and dedication to see a better self. We wanted to spread the goodness of yoga, spread the healing that happened through yoga and encouraging people to take it and change lives for the better. One of our co-founders is a living example of what a regular yoga ritual can do to your body- transform you and gift a happy, healthy you- forever! So, we preach what we follow!

We are now one of the leading channels on the internet, for your Yoga needs- be it a short 15 minutes Yoga session, or a long relaxing one, we cater to all the needs of various classes of people. We understand the working structure and the people there, and hence have crafted yoga for people who can’t afford longer time on the mat. Our short yoga videos, that enables you to do some basic moves and breathing exercises, anywhere and everywhere, ensure that you never ‘lose’ on health while you are busy building an identity.

Our services:

  • Full-fledged yoga classes at certain locations

  • Yoga for overall well-being

  • Yoga for the elderly

  • Yoga teacher training courses for those interested souls

  • Yoga therapies for the injured

  • Special yoga rehabs for those souls who never find peace with their body


About our 'trainers':

We never risk anyone's life; neither yours or ours! All our instructors are well versed and certified in the courses and are experienced too. They are here with a mission, to spread the joy of well-being in a pace as to listen to your body, not to over-exert and abuse further. We believe in holistic healing, hence no compromises in any of our services.


We also have door-to-door services for certain people who can't move around initially, or who for unavoidable circumstances can't join regular classes. Feel free to contact us for further details.