Yoga For Rehabilitation

We guess rehab isn't a new term for most of us, as we have heard and seen at least few cases. Rehab Finder requires a specific amount of dedicated time and movement for the body to completely heal out of the abuse that the body has been bearing. Be it the common substance abuse, or the over strain given to the body during any sports regime, or the mental trauma that one goes through. .

What is rehab, in layman terms?


Rehabilitation generally is a process of restoring one's health or self, back into the normal state; from any addiction, imprisonment, or even illness; through training, which includes exercises and other physical work.

Apart from the mental stress and physical abuse that the body is bearing, weight also becomes one of the factors to be considered for healthy self. Weight-loss, when done holistically restores the body balances in a very structured way, making the body and soul connected well, leading to happiness and a peace of mind.

With many fad diet plans and even many easy ways to lose weight, they are again an abuse to the body by stressing too much.

About Yoga, the oldest form:

Yoga, founded many centuries ago, is one of the best ways to recover health, in the long term, without affecting body and mind in any way, without exerting any sort of pressure at any point in time. It's the way of healing your body, by listening and observing your body well.


Yoga is an ancient tradition that has not just exercises, but even therapies to completely heal the body, inside out. Yoga is a process that uses the body's natural healing mechanism to heal itself completely, not just specific to any particular point, but on overall health.

IWhat yoga does to your body?
There is pranayama that focusses on breathing, which in turn reduces the anxieties of the mind, stress relievers.

Asana is focused on body movements, which strengthen the muscles, massage the internal organs and calm the mind further.

Yoga for the injured:

Along with the above general benefits, there are special therapies done following the yoga way, which aids in the well-being of the person suffering from any injuries. Example, people with chronic illness like back pain, Shoulder pains, knee problems, breathing problem and those with worst injuries have all been benefitted by yoga, practised and followed under a trained instructor.


Lives of many have turned good for many followers who follow yoga religiously and stay consistent with sheer dedication, whose aim is to gain health- the most costly wealth in the modern days!

Yoga for Addicts:

Addiction to substances is one of the worst things to happen in life. There are many people who have spoiled life and a bunch of few who have come out of those clutches through many ways, and one of them being Yoga.

Yoga takes out your concentration on substances and makes you concentrate on your body, through pranayama, healing therapies. They even detoxify your body via breathing, by letting out the toxic air from inside.

The depression, anxiety, stress, anger, and other emotions caused by the substance addiction are reduced gradually with asana and pranayama mainly. The levels vary for different people. Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels are available. Once you get your body doing yoga for a continuous 21 days, your body will start listening to your mind, there is a control of mind happening, which is the most important step in life.

Yoga as a medium for Rehabilitation:

A strict warning and advice for those with injured parts, Consult your Doctor or physician about the state of your body before starting yoga. As said above, sometimes when you do yoga, without the body being stable, with a hidden underlying complication, it can make the problem worse. Hence an 'Okay' nod from your regular doctor is advised.


The asana is done help in revitalising the organs, by the release of hormones called 'endorphins', which is a natural pain killer to the body. It distracts the mind from the pain, allows the sufferer to 'Move' through with the pain instead of resisting the movement itself. The warm-ups, stretches and cool down practised with yoga helps in getting more flexible muscles, decreases joint and ligament tensions, thereby reducing muscle pain. With many types of yoga arises, like the Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Patanjali yoga and so on, you can follow any of them based on your choice, as the core concept remains the same- breathing correctly at every step of the exercise.